A Natural Product

The wool has not been chemically treated in any way, other than using ordinary soap flakes.
The fleece is washed in lime free water, then washed again in warm soapy water,
trimmed and fitted with soles of pure calves' hide.
Glerups may also 'shed' during the first few days of use.
The reason for this is that the coarse fibres work their way out of the felt.
It's only natural, the fibres just need to be plucked off.
Wool is self cleansing.
The lanolin and alkaline salts in the wool protect the fibre and when it gets wet
the salts and lanolin combine to form a natural soap, which washes and cleanses the wool.
This is why sheep can wear the same clothes for months on end without becoming dirty.
This quality of the wool will ensure that your shoes are always fresh and will not be damaged by water.
The qualities of the wool become entirely unique when worn directly next t the skin,
which is why we recommend that you wear your felt shoes without socks or stockings,
to allow the wool to breathe.
Because of the wool's capacity to felt, the shoes should be washed with care to prevent shrinkage.
Washing is therefore at your own risk.
Washing should be carried out by hand using detergent specifically designed for wool,
or simply by using hair shampoo.
Washing is at your own risk!
Glerups is not responsible for incidental damage caused by washing.