We appreciate the positive feedback from glerups' fans

The customers say...


“I do everything in my Glerups. I watch tv. I chainsaw down trees. I go for walks in the bush. I go out for dinner. I paint. Glerups are hands down the best and most comfortable shoe ever made. Period.”



“The greatest purchase I have ever made. Warm and cosy in the winter, comfortable and versatile in the summer! I only have three pairs at the moment, but plan to extend my range to include every style and colour. Couldn’t be happier with them and get tons of compliments. Invest in a pair NOW! You will never regret it.”



“Putting my glerups on is the first things I do when I get in from work! They’re so warm and cosy, it gives me that instant feeling of ‘home’ and can relax. I have both the boot style and the shoe, depending on what kind of day it is. Love the colours, the texture and thickness of them, and how perfectly they fit for your foot. My husband is a complete glerups fan now too!”