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The Wool

Over the years glerups perfected the wool mix by blending Gotland wool with quality wool from New Zealand farmers. These farmers meet glerups' high standards for consistent quality and humane animal welfare.

We work with our farmers every step of the way and follow each pair of glerups from the sheep to your feet.

We use 100% pure and natural wool for all of our slippers. The slippers have either a sole of semi-vegetable tanned calfskin or natural rubber (except for the baby shoes, which have no outer sole).

The technical wonder of wool starts at the root of ­the fiber. Before leaving the sheep’s follicles each wool fiber is coated in sweat salts and grease ­(lanolin), which together form a perfect “clothing” for the sheep. The lanolin protects the wool fiber against sun, rain and wind. The lanolin and the lye in the sweat salts work together to keep the sheep clean. When the sheep gets wet, the basic salts of lye dissolve and together with the lanolin form a ­natural “soap” to keep the sheep clean. The sheep can keep the same “clothes” for many months without being uncomfortable. glerups’ soft water wash has the same effect. It activates the salts of lye and lanolin to create the natural “soap” just like in nature, to clean the wool.

The wool is breathable and can capture up to 35% moisture making the slippers feeling dry and warm always. The combination of good wear resistance and high moisture absorption cannot be surpassed by any other material.

Because of the natural treatment of the wool, you may still find traces of small vegetable fibers in the felt. Furthermore the coarsest wool fibers may work itself out of the felt, and therefore the slippers ”shed” in the first days of use. This is natural, and the fibers just need to be plucked off.

Wool keeps the sheep’s bare skin just the right temperature and it will do the same for your bare skin. We recommend that you try your glerups ­without socks. Wool and skin work naturally together.